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CHIANTI – a truly event-making place – is located in the heart of the historical part of Chisinau. Nestled in a 1912 edifice, it comprises a range of areas: one restaurant, the patio terrace, a bar and the wine shop. More than a century ago this place was a busy street of the city, at that time represented by a pedagogical college, three shops and a barber’s. Today it is the place where the posh society and the guests of the city meet together for a drink, delicious food and a pleasant dining experience. It is the place you don’t want to miss when being in Chisinau.

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Chianti is a classic Italian restaurant that will impress you with an impeccable food presentation and freshness. We pride ourselves on our menu that contains more than 10 types of pizzas. One can hardly resist the divine aromas of ricotta and truffle sauce, pancetta and goat cheese, herbs and spices emanating from the genuine firewood oven. To please the taste of the foreigners Chianti has based its menu on the traditional Mediterranean, Japanese and Moldovan cuisine all served in a trendy and progressive manner. The restaurant ambiance invites you to have business lunches and meetings, or cozy dinners with the close ones, the food being accompanied with a glass of good wine.

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From dusk till dawn


The Vibe

Cast aside all your cares and daily burden and enjoy the night in a warm company with your friends and the Aperol Spritz, rocking in the rhythms of the DJ gigs. The atmosphere at the bar speaks for itself with welcoming bartenders always there to chat with you, offering the diverse bar, hookah and wine menus. It is the place of the best pre-parties and events of Chisinau.

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When the sun starts bringing its long-awaited warmth, we invite our guests to CHIANTI summer green terrace. It’s a fashionable yet a chamber place, located in the patio of the building, making it a very cozy open-air terrace. It is always nice to throw a big family party here, or to hide under shadowy trees on a hot summer day, or even to seclude yourself running some business matters. The terrace also comprises a kids’ area available from April till October.

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They say consistency is a feature of proficiency. Based on a consistent desire to always evolve, Chianti has opened its own shop – a wine store – representative of your favourite and rare Italian and French varieties of vintage wines. The assortment of wines is always expanding and you are welcome to witness it yourself.



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